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Would you like to launch the next Twitter or Facebook? You’ll have to find a brilliant business idea; here you’ll get some of the background knowledge you need to design, develop and deploy a web-based application that will scale to millions of users.

We’ll start with web page optimization (slow-loading application will never be a success), look at typical security problems (you don’t want your security problems to become front-page Slashdot news, do you?) and APIs (if they made Twitter popular, they can’t hurt you, can they?).

Continuing on our road to scalable applications, we’ll consider the challenges of server virtualization and cloud computing (don’t forget: Netflix runs on Amazon EC2) and look at various mechanisms we can use to make our application scalable (Twitter, Facebook and Google run thousands of servers behind single IP address). You’ll also learn a lot about the database architectures you could use (together with a dive into intricacies of NoSQL), and high-availability concerns.

This class is currently offered as a half-year lecture at University of Ljubljana.


Introduction 2.0M 2015-06-06
Building Faster Web Sites 938K 2015-06-06
Case Study - Sample Performance Tuning 1.4M 2015-06-06
Scale-Out Web Application Architectures 2.1M 2015-06-06

[top] Network and Transport Considerations

Introduction to Transport Networks 1.1M 2015-06-06
TCP, HTTP and SPDY 2.0M 2015-06-06
HTTP Deep Dive 1.2M 2015-06-06
HTTP Use Cases 1007K 2015-06-06
Caching 1.5M 2015-08-04

[top] Client-Side Technologies

Client-Side Technologies 2.0M 2015-08-04
JavaScript 1.4M 2015-08-04
CSS Basics 1.2M 2015-08-04
jQuery 981K 2015-08-04

[top] Server-Side Technologies

Web Application Security 1.1M 2015-08-04
Application Programming Interface (API) 1.8M 2012-05-05
Databases 759K 2015-08-04
Load Balancing and Scale-Out Applications 3.7M 2015-08-04

[top] Case Studies

Case Study - Note 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Sidebar 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Hanging Lead-Ins 1015K 2015-08-04
Case Study - Table Highlighting 1.2M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Form Formatting 1.2M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Drop-Down Menu 1.1M 2015-08-04
Case Study - Slideshow 2.8M 2015-08-04