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This webinar describes several real-life network automation use cases including abstracted network state, automated IPv6 deployments, and automated deployment of data center fabrics.

Abstract Everything

Template Multi-Vendor Deployments 8:52 2017-07-21
Abstract Vendor API 8:42 2017-07-21
Automate Everything 6:35 2017-07-21
Abstract Everything 18:20 2017-07-21

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Abstract all the things 4.1M 2016-11-18

[top] Automate IPv6 Deployments

Automating IPv6 Deployments 2.8M 2016-11-19
The Problem 11:05 2017-07-25
Preparation 9:27 2017-07-25
Getting the Job Done 9:37 2017-07-25

[top] Automate Data Center Fabric Deployments

Challenges of Data Center Fabric Deployments 20:02 2017-08-10
Separate Data from Code 12:56 2017-08-10
Ansible Tips and Tricks 9:19 2017-08-10
Validation 12:51 2017-08-10
Staging and Production 11:10 2017-08-10
Fabric Deployment Demo 17:09 2017-08-10

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Automating Data Center Fabric Deployments 1.6M 2017-01-24

[top] Automating Network Services

Automating Network Services 5.2M 2017-02-16
The Problem 10:35 2017-02-16
Microsegmentation 25:39 2017-02-16
Other Network Services Automation Scenarios 14:01 2017-02-16
Automating Your Network Services 15:05 2017-02-16
The Roadblocks 15:48 2017-02-16

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