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The PowerShell for Networking Engineers webinar describes the basics of PowerShell (to help you understand the rest of the webinar if you have no prior PowerShell experience) and then focuses on a number of network automation use cases.

The source code for Mija Robas' PowerShell examples is in a GitHib repository.


PowerShell for Network Engineers 1.7M 2017-02-11
Introduction to PowerShell 26:17 2017-05-29
Hands-on PowerShell 19:24 2017-05-29
Using REST API with PowerShell 12:04 2017-07-04

Network Automation Use Cases

Simple PowerShell Scripts 11:56 2017-07-04
Creating Device Configurations in PowerShell 11:04 2017-07-04
Configure Data Center Devices 12:55 2017-07-04
Use REST API with Network Devices 11:01 2017-07-04
Putting It All Together 9:32 2017-07-04


PowerNSX 1.7M 2017-02-24
What Is PowerNSX 26:13 2017-02-23
Deploying 3-tier Applications 8:27 2017-02-23
Configuring Logical Routers 5:18 2017-02-23
Automatic Diagramming 8:43 2017-02-23
Getting Started 15:54 2017-02-23

Watch the videos

You can watch the following sample videos made from recordings of this webinar: