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This 3-hour webinar describes the networking requirements of various cloud services (from infrastructure virtualization to software-as-a-service solutions) and designs you can use to build data center networks that support them. The webinar focuses on IaaS networking scalability and helps you select the most appropriate architecture for your environment based on the number of physical servers and tenants you envision in your environment.

Slide Deck and Introduction

Networking in Private and Public Clouds 4.8M 2017-05-08
Webinar Introduction 4:37 2017-07-12

[top] Requirements

Cloud Services Overview 20:22 2017-07-12
What Services Will Your Cloud Offer 28:27 2017-07-12
IaaS Networking Services Overview 15:00 2017-07-12
Multi-Tenant Requirements 19:45 2017-07-12

[top] Simple Cloud Networking Implementations

Basic IaaS Network Services Implementations 10:33 2017-07-12
Tenant Isolation 18:36 2017-07-12

[top] Virtual Tenant Network Implementations

Tenant Network Implementations 26:09 2017-07-18
Fabric-Based Virtual Networks 16:36 2017-07-18
Hypervisor-Based Virtual Networks 16:36 2017-07-18
Large-Scale Hypervisor-Based Virtual Networks 15:21 2017-07-18
Virtual Tenant Networking Scalability 24:27 2017-07-31

[top] Over-the-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Over-the-Cloud Solutions 11:09 2017-07-31
Hybrid Cloud Networking 12:13 2017-07-31

[top] Conclusions and Questions

Parting Thoughts and Questions 17:39 2017-07-31

[top] Obsolete Technologies

vCDNI 5:07 2012-04-02
vCider 3:14 2012-09-22
Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) 2:23 2017-04-19
Carrier Ethernet-Based Solutions 2:59 2017-04-19
Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) 5:08 2012-09-22
Cisco InterCloud 3:59 2017-04-19
CloudSwitch 3:33 2017-04-19

[top] Public Presentations

Cloud Computing Networking (EuroNOG) 2.5M 2012-04-18
Cloud Networking Scalability (RIPE64) 2.8M 2012-04-18

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